The Thousand Thrones

Who's your daddy?


The group leaves the temple and discovers Luidolfs dead horse next to the entrance. It throat had been slit. Carl Kell leads them out of the hedge maze. Back at the entrance, Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren and Luidolf Desfleuve hear the girl crying – as it seems the noise comes from the manor. They decide to investigate.

They enter the manor through the broken solarium at the back of the house. They use a curtain to produce a makeshift torch. They cries come from upstairs. They follow the sound and Markus peeks through the keyhole of the door through which they hear the girl crying.

Markus can see a girl, sitting on the floor with the back to him. Also there is someone else in the room with the girl. Luidolf and Markus open the door discover a chaos spawn – looking like a male and a femal body fused together. Also, a scavenger type figure is in the room, who gets slaughtered by the chaos spawn. Markus rushes in to fetch the girl and save her from the demon, but as he grabs her, she starts trying to bite him. Her dress is bloatsoaked, as are the walls of the room. Luidolf steps in and makes short work of the chaos spawn. They flee downstairs, the girl still trying to bite everyone around her – so Luidolf puts her out of her misery. Markus wants to torch the place and goes back in – setting the nearby library on fire. While Luidolf is watching, he notices a female ghost at the other side of the main hall. It doesnt looks aggressive, so he follows her into the dining room. She wails, “Kill the killer….”

The flames in the library start to consume the whole room, so they retreat and meet up with Margat Chaoseater, Karl and Carl Kell. In the meantime, they discovered that their horse from the cart are gone, so is Bob, Luidolfs loyal servant. They also found a half disintegrated body of a vampire thrall.

Tracks indicate that a huge coach with at least 6 horses was here and made a turn to go back towards Wolfenburg. The group decides to go back to Ristedt. They follow the road, and as further they get away from the Wolfenburg area, the weather gets again colder and colder. They notice, that the huge coach had taken the same route, but after a while the tracks lead on to the west into the forests, while the group continues south.

After a short night in a shack, they reach Ruhrhoff and later that day finally arrive at Ristedt.

At the tavern, they discover a witchhunter, accompanied by two scholars and men-at-arms. Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren learns that they are chasing a dangerous vampire, a necrarch. They are looking for people to hire. Fuchs Müller and Dina Scülli (amethyst wizard), the scholars explain that they are chasing this dangerous creature since they discovered him in Bretonnia.

During the conversation, Margat Chaoseater feels something is crawling under his skin and with a fart, he gives shits his pants. People look at him and stop eating as they see that Margat had the same as they did. Suddenly something moves in Margats pants and bites him. He rushes outside and pulls down his underpants to discover a nurgling. He tries to smash him but the nurgling gets away – giggling as he goes. Margat chases him but loses track. He goes to his sleeping place and calls it a night.

During the night, no one dares to leave the house – it is Hexennacht.

On the next morning, he wakes up – feeling something is cuddling up to him. The nurgling returned. Margat makes short work of him by rolling over and smashing the poor thing, only leaving a puddle of shit underneath him…



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