The Thousand Thrones

We didn't start the fire ...


Luidolf Desfleuve almost gets caught by the lurking shiners. Margat Chaoseater stomps off into the forest to get some trunks, so the expedition can cross the moat. He returns with one big trunk that bridges the moat. A rope helps to get across more securely, while oil, set aflame, keeps the shiners away.

They pass the moat safely and start a long climb up the tower. The strong vines even support the big ogre. At the top, they discover a black gaping hole leading into the interior of the tower. Animal sounds and screeching echos from below. On top they find a huge perch, surrounded by bones. A small hut, which was used as an observatory, looks abandoned and not used in a long time.

Luidolf Desfleuve volunteers to go down the hole into the tower. He discovers cages that host all kind of nasty creatures and corpses on his way down, among them an elf that has tattoos similar to the elves of Coriael kithband and some kind of experiment with human bodies.

Reaching the bottom, he discovers a laboratory filled with parchments, personal notes and books. Following brave Luidolf, the rest of the expedition descends to the laboratory.

Carl Kell discovers a griffon egg in one of the cages and Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren puts it in his backpack – to sell it later.

They start to search the place for Bob and discover a library – accessed by a ladder leading down an old well. About at the same time Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren gets curious about the metal lever – especially after a suddenly appearing spider-ogre tried to reach it, but Margat stopped it in time.

After some pondering, Markus pulls the lever – setting a self-destruct into motion that cannot be stopped. Luidolf Desfleuve and Carl Kell hide behind blast doors, that secure the library while the rest of the expedition tries to frantically escape the trap.

A huge explosion shakes the tower and a fireball shoots upwards through the tower. The flames engulf Markus who dies almost instantly. Margart shields Karl as good as he can and gets burned badly – same as Karl. The rest of the expedition is incinerated as they climbed the rope.

Margat bodyhair is gone – no hair or eyebrows remain. As he looks up towards the night sky he notices a huge shadow flying by – the master has returned and they are trapped inside.


Oh drat I forget about the Egg

We didn't start the fire ...

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