The Thousand Thrones

Protect the child!

slobber.jpg The group follows down a narrow sewer towards the X-marked spot. They need to pass an area with red mould on it, all pass through, but Margat Chaoseater disturbs the mold and spores are released. The group ventures down the sewer and find a dead end.

While Margat Chaoseater tries to take down the wall in front of them, Carl Kell notices that a gigantic slug appeared, out of thin air, behind them. Luidolf Desfleuve charges towards it and attacks while Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren searches for an opening mechanism for the secret door. Margat also turns to meet the Beast of Nurgle. The beast tries to slobber all over Luidolf, but he can dodge it. Margat gets stung by the Beast but resists its paralysing poison. Soon the creature is defeated and disappears magically as it has appeared.

Markus finally finds the locking mechanism and opens the door. They group finds a almost deserted cultist lair. One crazy old man, perhaps a former member of the University of Marienburg, is left behind.

The group retrieves a note by an unknown person addressed to Jurgen Baer. They discover that a group of Nurgle cultists are withing the Crusade of the child. Margat Chaoseater kills the old man and eats him, while the others wait outside and discuss what to do.

They rush back to the tavern and get themselves cleaned. On the next day, the meet Roderick Schreck and report what they have found. He will travel to Altdorf to deliver the information to the temple of Sigmar. He will also inform the council of Marienburg to clear the cultist lair. He tells Carl to meet with Selena Reiva in the evening to report their findings to her.

Selena_Reiva.jpg The group shows up early at the house of Lady Reiva and find that it is closed down. Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren decides to go and take a look and starts to pick the lock of the garden gate. This alerts a nearby Black Hat patrol, but Markus can explain that he is part of “her entourage”. They leave him and so they advance to the main door of the house. Again Markus easily picks its lock and the group find themselves in the dark main hall.

The head butler is alerted as Margat pushes over a vase. He throws them out and demands to come back later.

At this point the Teamspeak is full of “SHE IS A VAMPIRE!” shouts – tho out of character ;)

The group meets with Lady Reiva later that day. She is very concerned about the cultists within the Crusade of the Child. She asks them to catch up with the Crusade and protect the child. She offers them horses and a cart for Margat.

After retrieving the horses and the cart they start their pursuit of the Crusade.



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