The Thousand Thrones

Karls Rescue


Luidolf Desfleuve charges the chanting cultists and kills one right away. Margat Chaoseater and Carl Kell follow into the fray and the battle begins.

The high-priest and Tobias unleash horrifying spells upon the attackers, inflicting massive critical damage – especially on Margat.

Before Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren joins the fight, he notices that they were followed by the Lahmian vampires. Suddenly Sophia, Baroness Theodora Margrave and a couple of thralls join the battle.

Carl Kell falls unconscious after he was hit by a devastating life draining spell.

The vampires attack both, the cultists and the group – they want Karl for themselves, but the group manages to free Karl. Once Karl is freed, they feel invigorated and the tide of battle turns.

As Tobias dies, Margat Chaoseater notices a small tentacle-like creature detaching from his body. It crawls towards a new sewer gutter and disappears into the dark.

As the fight is coming to an end, only Sophia and Margrave are left. They demand the boy, but the group refuses. Carl Kell, who joined the fight again after Markus used a healing potion on him, tries to trap the vampires with a warding spell, but the creatures are too strong to contain.

Finally, Sophia and Magrave fall under the relentless attacks and the group retreats upstairs to the entry hall of the temple. They block the door leading into the temple.



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