The Thousand Thrones

Hello Darkness my old friend


Badly wounded, Margat Chaoseater witnesses as the big bird lands on top of the tower, and a small pale face gazes down the shaft. He doesn’t move to give away his position and keeps Karl out of sight.

Luidolf Desfleuve and Carl Kell investigate noises from below the library and discover an older man straped to a table. His body cut with T shaped wounds. Also his body has sigils cut into it like the ones the group discovered in one of the cages. A metal mask, a bucket of red sap and a variety of torture tools are prepared next to the table.

They learn, that the man is a zealot from the crusade (follower of the Brothers of the Open Wound) who was taken here and experimented on.

They free the zealot and ascend up the ladder to the laboratory area. They can here faint whispers coming from above.

Lord de Trois is trying to convince the ogre to let the boy go but Margat is stubborn. As voices shout down from below, de Trois retreats into shadows and let necrotic powder rain down the shaft. Luidolf and the unnamed Zealot cry out in pain as it burns their skin and eats into their armor and clothing.

de Trois gets tired of the Ogre and fells him with a horrible spell. Karl refuses to join with the vampire and jumps down the shaft. The Zealot tries to catch him – succeeds, but dies from the impact. Also little Karl doesnt survive the jump.

Margat meets a gruesome end as de Trois covers his body in necrotic powder. His body disintegrates within seconds.

Luidolf and Carl flee downwards through a tunnelsystem that ends up in the ghoul cave. They decide to retrieve their horses to escape, but the vampire attacks them from his flying mount. In the last second, Coriael and the remaining elves try to help, but all of them fall to the rain of necrotic powder.

As their painful cries subside, an eerie peacefulness returns to the vale of the necromancer.



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