The Thousand Thrones

A lone tower

Ghoul_Cave.jpg The group awakes in the morning after having some weird dreams about things long passed or visions of a possible future. The group decides to join the Witchhunter and the 2 scholars to hunt down the Necrarch de Trois – for a pay of 5g per day.

Luidolf Desfleuve hopes to rescue his loyal servant Bob, who is missing. Margat Chaoseater teaches Karl how to swing a hammer properly but ceases as he notices that a peasant stopped and started to watch Karl with a familiar look.

They all get ready and leave town northeast. On the way they stop for spending the night at the very same half collapsed barn as they group did the night before. On the next day they pass a ford into the think forest and discover a ravine. Two paths lead down and they decide to take the left one.

After a while they discover a halfling thrall, Smoot, who was watching them. They take him hostage and he offers them to lead them to the “master”. On they way they discover a cave full of ghouls. Smoot says they gonna help but ogre-diplomacy fails and after a short battle the cave is purged. Luidolf Desfleuve kills the chained Smoot.

Margat Chaoseater finds a shrine with a skeleton at its center, it has a makeshift crown place on its skull and its left hand is replaced by a branch that looks like a claw. Margat retrieves the crown and places it on Karls head – the boy is delighted.

The witchhunter and the scholars decide to go directly to the tower – they group passes a forest that looks dead, the trunks are weeping red sap. A soldier touches it and gets sick.

They reach the tower – and impressive high building with vines covering its surface. There is a moat around it with crystal clear water – skeletal parts covering the sandy ground.

The group finds a damaged boat and 3 soldiers use it to get across. As they reach the middle of the moat, the boat starts rocking as something invisible starts to knock against the boat from below.

The amethyst wizard identifies the creatures as Shiners – translucent gelatinous monsters.



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