“It is the middle period of the Emperor Karl-Franz’s reign. The Empire teeters on the brink of collapse. The horrors of the recent Chaos Incursion, dubbed the Storm of Chaos, have left the lands of Sigmar reeling. The north is in ruin, cities smoking, corpses left unburied, and Beastmen, Mutants, and the remnants of Archaon’s army lurk in the shadows of these once great lands.

Refugees inundate the western cities seeking food and protection, and the rippling effect of the great war can be felt at all levels of Empire society. Even the Cult of Sigmar is suffering great upheavals.

In the early stages of the Incursion, the Grand Theogonist Volkmar led a force into the Chaos Wastes to defeat Archaon Everchosen before he could mount an offensive. Fearing the worst when he failed to return, the Cult scrambled to place another in Volkmar’s post and unite the peoples of the Empire beneath the banner of their faith. But then, in the midst of the fighting, Volkmar returned, apparently resurrected.

Once the forces of Chaos were thrown back from the walls of Middenheim, the returned Volkmar laid claim to his title once more. The Cult of Sigmar is thus unstable, and new religious cults are formed almost daily. There’s a very palpable sense across the land that if the Empire recovers from this turmoil it will be a very different place."

The Thousand Thrones

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