The Thousand Thrones

To Battle!

Margat Chaoseater fights the mutant lookout up on the tower, killing it with a furious blow to the head. The mutant falls off the semi-collapsed tower. Meanwhile Luidolf Desfleuve charges recklessly into the group of cultists and engages them. Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren and Carl Kell slowly advance into the battle to assist their friends.

The sharkfaced cultist leader unleashes dark magic upon the group, but does only little harm. While the battle rages on, a huge mutant joins them but Margat cuts him down with ease. Luidolf, still engaged with the 3 cultists can battle them down. The cultist leader tries to make an escape, but Markus cuts him off and soon he finds himself surrounded and slain by the adventurers.

After the dirty business is done, Margat Chaoseater lives up to his name and starts munching on a cultist corpse – much to the disgust of this new “friends”. The group searches the temple ruin and discover, next to body parts, a journal written by the cultist leader.

They discover that the babe was found 7 years ago in the arms of a dead elven woman. They took it in but during a dark ceremony, the boy was taken from them by witchhunters.

They havent heard about the boy since, but recent events in Marienburg sparked their interest. The cultists were sure that the “Heir of Sigmar” was the boy taken from them.

A month ago, the cult learned that a man named Jurgen Baer sought a boy with powers like those possessed by their missing child. The cult has discovered Baer frequents a tavern called The Jolly Boatman, in the Doodkanaal Ward of Marienburg.

They plan to capture him, find out what he knows, and learn if their child still lives after all.

Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren smirks at the name of Jurgen Baer. It was his shipment that put Markus in a cell and ultimiatly here into this wet mucky swamp.

Into the Cursed Marshes

op_marshes.jpg The group looks for the swampers, who assisted Osric, the witchhunter, 7 years ago.

At the northern camp, outside the Middenheim gate, they find someone who directs them to the Bretonnian gate. They should look there for a person named Jekil Sumpfmund. Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren has a little fun with Margat Chaoseater and makes him eat a living bogoctopus.

On the next morning, it is freezing outside, they finally meet Jekil and hire him to take them to the temple within the Cursed Marshes. Jekil is an odd fellow – he enjoys being in the swamp and happily sells them his phamplet “Delights of the Cursed Marsh”.

Their journey takes one and a half day to the temple. On their way, during a rest, Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren encounters glowing fish with 2 childlike faces. He is stunned by this experience – the Marshes start to get to them. Luidolf Desfleuve has his problems to adapt to such a dirty environment.

Also on their journey, identified with the help of Jekils phamplet, they find Bog Flowers, which can be harvested for a sedative potion. Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren learns from Jekil how to create such potions during a break.

As Jekil told them, after one and a half day they arrive at the temple. It is a triangle shaped building with a watchtower on each corner. As Margat Chaoseater moves closer and gets attacked by a mutant lookout. The group moves in to attack, while Margat climbs the damaged guard tower.

Just as the inhabitants of the temple and the group of adventurers are about to clash into each other, a sharkfaced mutant in robes emerges from one of the towers. He doesnt look to happy about the visitors.

The Investigation continues ...


The group returns to the “Golden Lamb” to meet with Schreck. They update him on their investigation and ask him to speak to the Council of Marienburg to free Maida Widman, the imprisoned Shallyan priestess. Schreck tells them, that it will be difficult due to the standing of his kind within Marienburg.

Carl Kell also mentions Osric Falkenheim, the withhunter who brought the babe, Karl, to Maida 7 years ago. Schreck tells them, that Falkenheim is the withhunter he should have met when he came to Marienburg, but he had disappeared. He relates the name of the Tavern, “the Fish”, to them.

Meanwhile Markus and Lord Desfleuve engage in a bit of gambling while Margat is stuffing himself with chicken and bloodsausages (he is the best customer of the Golden Lamb).

Markus leads the group to The Fish, using a path which leads by unpleasant places of Suiddock, but this night all is quiet. The innkeeper at The Fish is grumpy since Falkenheim just disappeared a few weeks ago without paying his outstanding rent. Carl buys off the remaining equipment but doesnt find any useful items.

On their way back, Horst Breuer and his men surround the group and ask them why they are after Osric. Obviously they doesnt want him to be found, after what happened to him.
Carl Kell plays the “We have an Ogre” card and Breuer is qucikly convinced to relate the whereabouts of Falkenheim.

The group find Falkenheim at the Black Lotus Dreaming House. They barely stand the smoke within the House. Markus and Lord Desfleuve have their eyes streaming while Carl asks the owner where Osric is staying.

The weather is getting colder and colder. There will soon be snow.

They find Osric upstairs lying in a bed. He is badly wounded. The consumption of Black Lotus eases he pain. Only a bucket of cold water snaps him out of his dreams. After Carl ensures him, that they are here to help he tells them about where he found the babe.

On their way out, Luidolf Desfleuve stays back and ends the misery of Osric Falkenheim, who welcomes this gesture.

Later they meet with Schreck at the town hall. He has just spoken to the council and swayed them to let Maida go. The group tells him about the Falkenheim and he promises to pick up Maida and Osric and bring them to Altdorf.

He orders Carl to start an expedition into the Cursed Marshes to find the temple Osric was talking about.

Markus is tasked to find a swamper guide.

The Crusade of the Child
The investigation begins

Roderick Schreck sent for Carl Kell to help with an investigation within Marienburg. A new cult of Sigmar has formed, like never seen before.

Carl and his companion Margat Chaoseater also bring Luidolf Desfleuve and Argam Aldinsson to the meeting. The witchhunter throws in another companion, Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren. He will help with navigating within the city to speed up the investigation.

Late in the afternoon, they all meet the investor behind the investigation. Selena Reiva is a local merchant and follower of Sigmar, who is concerned about the Crusade.
She offers 100g as compensation and hands out her Sigil, which will cover most of the costs.

Roderick passes on the little his does know what happened. He only arrived 3 days before the Crusade left for Altdorf. The first band of investigators never returned to inform him what this was all about. He only knows that a boy with a twintailed comet on his chest, swinging a hammer single-handedly, killed off demonlike attackers in the middle of a street near the Winkelmarkt. A crowd gathered and the local priest of Sigmar, Helmut, proclaimed that the boy is Sigmars Heir. This happened about 4 weeks ago. Since then the followers were growing rapidly

To make things worse, the exiled former Grand Theogonist Esmer also gave his blessings. This poses a threat to the already tumbling Empire, which is still weak after the Storm of Chaos.

Roderick needs to know where the boy came from, so he can inform Altdorf about it. They need to know what they are dealing with.

Right next day the group sets off to investigate the blacksmith where the boy was found. They learn various rumors about the source of the boy. At the blacksmith they meet Josef Peek, who sells of “relics” of the boy. Lord Luidolf Desfleuve isnt interested in this nonsense and lectures him about the glory about the Lady of the Lake. Finally Jospeh comes forth with something real – a torn tunic. Carl identifies that the tunic belongs to a shallyan orphanage.

The group moves on to the shallyan orphanage, where they meet Abbess Gerda Lutzen. She tells them about Karl and how he killed off his attackers. Carl notices that for a shallyan priest, Lutzen speaks to furious about the recent events.

On the way out, an initiate gives Markus a small piece of paper:


The group meets Maida Widmann. She is put in a cage, her fingers broken and gagged with rags. Guarded by Black Hats no one is allowed to speak with her. Carl tries to convince the captain of the guards, but in the end it takes the fine diplomacy (Mine’s bigger) of Margat Chaoseater to make them change their minds. Maida tells them about the boy. 7 years ago, Karl was brought to them as a babe by a witchhunter named Osric Falkenheim. Soon she found out that the child is special and “has some awful power about him that bent the will”. She ordered Abbess Gerda Lutzen to bring the boy back to the witchhunter, but Gerda hid the boy and raised him.

Maida tried to stop Helmut and tell the truth about Karl, but the angry mob almost lynched her. She was put in this cage to die by Gerda Lutzen and Father Helmut.

The group decides to return to Roderick to report about their findings. Also they want Maida released from the cage.


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