Luidolf Desfleuve

A young Bretonnian noble who likes to spend more than he has.

Race Region Gender Age
Human Bretonnian Male 19
Careers Completed
Knight Errant In Progress
Total Experience Advances Spent
19 18
Conservative St. Reckless St.
1 3
Characteristics Level Fortune
Strength 4 1
Toughness 4 0
Agility 3 0
Intelligence 3 0
Willpower 4 0
Fellowship 3 0
Basic Skills Char. Training Level
Athletics St 0
Ballistic Skill Ag 0
Coordination Ag 0
Intimidate St 0
Resilience To 1
Ride Ag 1
Skulduggery Ag 0
Stealth Ag 0
Weapon Skill St 2
Charm Fel 0
Discipline WP 1
First Aid Int 0
Folklore Int 0
Guile Fel 0
Intuition Int 0
Leadership Fel 0
Nature Lore Int 0
Observation Int 0
Advanced Skills Char. Training Level
Piety WP 1
Specializations Skill. Char.
Hand Weapons WS St
Control Horse Ride Ag
Talent Cards Type
Virtue of Chivalry Oath
Cavalry Specialist Tactic
Action Cards Type
Melee Strike Melee
Mounted Charge Melee
Lead from the Front Melee
Kick and Bite Melee
Crap, I’ve Let go of my Weapon! Ranged
Dodge Defence
Improved Parry Defence
Improved Block Defence
Assess the Situation Support
Guarded Position Support
Perform a Stunt Support
Sermon Support
Blessing of the Lady Support
Other Abilities Type Detail
Diverse Racial At character creation, all humans begin with 25 creation points.
Devout Racial When using a Fortune Point, roll a yellow die, on a Sigmar’s Comet regain a Fortune Point
Superior Stock Racial Any horse owned by character gains 1 Strength
Knight Errant Career Gain the Warhorse card
Wealth Fame Rk Noble Rk
Affluent 1 1
Shame Threshold
0 4
Wounds Threshold
0 14
Criticals Description
Sev. Injuries Description
Corruption Threshold
0 9
Mutations Description
Insanities Description
Diseases Description
Weapons Enc DR CR Range Special Notes
The Sword of Luidolf 3 5 3 Melee Superior – Damaged
The Bright Lance 4 6 2 Melee Superior, Pierce 1, Special
Practice Sword 3 5 3 Melee
Armour Enc Defense Soak Special Notes
Desfleuve family Armour 7 1 5 Ornately decorated with the family crest – Damaged
Shield of Desfleuve 3 1 1 A Kite Shield with the Desfleuve family crest emblazoned upon it
‘Borrowed’ Mail Shirt 4 1 2
‘Found’ Shield 4 1 1
Equipment Enc
The Standard of Luidolf Desfleuve 4
Travelling clothes 1
Every day clothes 1
Exceptional Noble clothes 1
Candles and tinderbox 1
Healing draught 0
Comfortable sleeping mat 1
Warm blanket 1
Weeks worth of rations 1
Pavilion 10
Horse Strength Wind Enc Limit Special
Bertrand the Warhorse 7 7 70 Swift, Trained for War
Enc Limit Enc
20 26
Gold Silver Brass
0 0 0
General Career Advances
1 Action Card: Kick and Bite
1 Talent: Tactic – Cavalry Specialist
1 Skill Training or Specialty: Resilience
1 Light Wound Threshold: + 1
1 Open Career Advance: Skill – Discipline
1 Open Career Advance: Skill – Weapon Skill
1 Open Career Advance: Action – Improved Parry
1 Open Career Advance: Action – Improved Block
1 Open Career Advance: Fortune – Strength
o Open Career Advance:
Career Completion Advances
ooooo Career Transition:
o Dedication Bonus:
Non-Career Advances
1111 Advance Type: Intelligence – 3
11111 Advance Type: Willpower – 4

Luidolf Desfleuve, the only son of the noble and honourable Desfleuve family of Castle Desfleuve. He grew up at the entrance to the Gisoreux Gap, nestled in the foothills of the Grey Mountains and the Pale Sisters, on the border between Bretonnia and the Empire.

As a young noble, he would often follow his father on his bi-monthly trek through the pass to Fort Bergbres to ensure the pass was safe and clear. Whilst his father would ‘talk business’ with his counterpart, Luidolf would entertain himself with the Noble’s sons and daughters. Passing the time with activities such as sword fighting, jousting, cards, dice, arguing the finer points of religion and on one occasion a certain activity with the noble’s eldest daughter. As time went on, Luidolf found that he was rather good at the activities and would want to find better opponents to practice against. For sword fighting and jousting he would enter local and regional tournaments, nearly winning on one occasion. For cards and dice he would seek out opponents in the local inns.

On his 14th birthday war was declared across the Old World, a new Chaos Lord from the North had amassed an army of mortals and daemons and was destroying everything in it’s path. Some even said this new Chaos Lord had originally been born in the Empire itself, that he had been a Priest of Sigmar no less. King Louen Leoncouer declared a new Errantry War and all young nobles were forming into a single massive army that would ride into the Empire and beyond to eradicate the new threat.

Seeing this as his big chance to test his skills, he excitedly went to his father to tell him of his plans to join the war. Instead of rejoicing in his son’s bravery and gallantry, his father instead laughed at him and told him there would be plenty of time for that when he was older. Dejected, he went to the local inn and drank to forget his sorrows, instead the alcohol fuelled his eagerness and he returned to his castle later that night determined to join the war. Retrieving his family’s suit of armour and weapons and saddling Bertrand his trusty warhorse, he set off to Couronne to join with the army.

Travelling for over a week, Luidolf finally made it to Couronne and saw arrayed before him the massed tents and pavilions of all the noble families of Bretonnia. Seeking out the quartermaster he proudly gave his name to enlist.

But once more he was met with laughter when there should have been cheers.

Once more he was told he was too young to join.

Once more he found his way to an inn to drink away the pain.

3 weeks later, Luidolf awoke to find himself in a strange bed of an even stranger inn with no recollection of the previous weeks happenings. Looking about himself he could find most of his possession, but not his families armour or weapons. Pinned to his head board was a scrawled message, but having spent more time practicing the sword and lance than his books, he was unable to decipher its meaning. The only part of the note he could make any sense from was a mark on the bottom that looked like two peaked mountains behind a treasure chest full of gold, all within a circle. Storing the note for safe keepings, he left the inn and found Bertrand still stabled and waiting for him, unlike the army which had left Couronne ten days earlier.

Luidolf trudged back to his ancestral home, unsure what to say to his father. But Lady luck and an opportunity would find him. Less than a days journey from his castle a chalice worked itself free from his baggage and fell off the horse, the resultant noise spooked the horse and it reared up. Lost in his thoughts, Luidolf didn’t realise what was happening until it was too late and he was unceremoniously thrown from the horse and landed on the rocky ground. This led to his appearance being bloodied and cut up, almost as though he had been attacked. And this is where Luidolf thought his saving grace would come from.

Returning home he gave his father the tale of how he was attacked by a band of brigands and they had made off with the armour and weapons. And how he had only just managed to escape with Bertrand and his life. His father went into a rage and promised to hunt down the brigands and make examples out of every last one of them. How dare they do this to the first born son of the Desfleuve family. Did they not know who he was? But before his father could ride out and hunt the brigands fate, or the Lady, played its hand once again. A messenger bearing the Grail Standard of the King arrived, The King himself was forming an army and they were riding to the aid of the Empire in a months time. His father and his retinue were expected to be there.

For over a year his father was away with the war effort and Luidolf was left to look after the castle almost entirely by himself. When his father finally returned, he was a changed man, the war had taken its toll. He was no longer the larger than life lord of the manor, he looked frail and afraid. Rest was recommended by all the doctors and so rest he was given. For nearly four long years he rested, only very rarely leaving his bed and when he did it was for short periods only. After so much time resting, he finally achieved his final rest and passed away the day before Luidolf’s 19th birthday. On his deathbed, his father whispered his final wish to Luidolf – to find and return his family’s heirlooms – before closing his eyes forever.

Luidolf knew what he had to do, but did not know how to start. He went into his room and from under a hidden floorboard retrieved the note that was pinned to his headboard so long ago. He looked at the mark again and screwed up the note, furious of how helpless he was. With the preparations for his father’s funeral underway, Luidolf had little time to ponder how he could retieve his heirlooms – for now they were truly his. But once more Lady luck had a part to play, as the delivery of wines and food were being unloaded for the funeral feast, Luidolf couldn’t help but notice a mark on one of the crates full of fine wine glasses for the banquet. It looked exactly like the same mark on his piece of paper. Deciding he could not risk losing this chance, he grabbed the workman and demanded to know where the crates had come from. Looking bemused the man could only stutter the word Marienburg, before scampering away.

Luidolf instantly gathered all his belongings and set out with his trusty horse Bertrand to seek his heirlooms in the city of Marienburg.

Luidolf Desfleuve

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