The Thousand Thrones

Villa Hahn


The group arrives at Wolfenburg and after a bit of gossiping with the locals they get directions to the house of Hahn. They follow the destroyed city wall of Wolfenburg to the west and end up at an old rusty iron gate. A plaque declares it as Villa Hahn.

The remains of the garden, stables and the manor do not look inviting (insects buzzing, ground is muddy and filthy), so they decide to enter the estate at a more discreet place. They quickly find a crack in the wall and send Margat Chaoseater in to spy. Even tho the ogre is quite big, the forest area covers him quite well. He identifies a roockery and an other building that looks like an accommodation of some kind.

They circle the manor in a wide arc and finally reach the walls of a hedge maze. Next to the entrance is a destroyed glasshouse that houses oddly looking plants. Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren scouts the entrance of the hedge maze but cannot make out any tracks. Carl Kell climbs up on Margat Chaoseater to look over the hedges but only discovers that the maze is huge.

They send Bob, the butler of Luidolf Desfleuve, back to the crack in the wall to wait there. After that they test if they can whack through the hedges, but the walls are thorny and heal itself while oddly looking flowers spray Margat with stinking liquids.

Morrslieb smiles down at them as it gets darker.

They decide to enter the maze and look for the Plague Temple. After a few hours of trying they find a black mound at a dead end. Several black tendrils or roots extend from the mound and dig into the nearby dirt. The mound occasionally pulses as if alive, and they
can see fluids of green and yellow racing through translucent veins just below the surface of its skin. As they approach, the mound opens from its centre with a wet tearing sound, its flesh pulled tight to the outer edge of the circle, like a sphincter. Several cultists climb out of the newly formed hole. The cultists are as surprised to see the intruders at their temple as much as the group is surprised to see someone walk out of a giant mound of bruised flesh.

The cultists attack the group at once with dark magic and infected blades, while the mound closes behind them. Carl Kell provides the group an advantage and they survive the fight almost unscathed.

The mound does not open to the group, so Margat decides to open it by force. This method is not pretty nor does it smell good. The skin of the mound is tough. Margat Chaoseater gets covered in pus and blood and other disgusting goo by the time he makes a large enough hole. The mound has no way of fighting back, but loud gurgling can be heard the entire time. This is so disturbing that the group gets really uneasy.

They slip through the hole into the Plague Temple and make their way down through deserted halls and rooms. As they reach the 2nd level, they clearly hear chanting coming from around the corner of the corridor that lies ahead of them. Passing hanging cages with corpses in them, they discover an alive prisoner. As he sees them he screams out loud to help him, but Luidolf Desfleuve, the angel of death, ends him quickly so they do not get discovered.

As they peek around the corner, they see a huge room with a stone altar. Bound to it lies little Karl. 10 cultists stand chanting in the middle of the room, while 2 better dressed cultists stand next to the altar and discuss something.

Margat Chaoseater belly grumbles madly.


We had Margat scouting, were we on drugs? Too much magic, overload of the senses is Carls excuse, what is everyone elses?

Light magic is protection, healing and Light. So i did two of those jobs.

Villa Hahn

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