The Thousand Thrones

The Vengeance of Sigmar


The group decides to explore Estlemanns special stock and gain access to it via the sewers. The room is empty, only broken shelves remain. On the shelves they find name tags – the list of special customers.

Lord Frederick helps them by identifying the names on the list – as it turns out, many of them turned up dead over the past year. Each and everyone was a mutant or chaos cultist of some sort. The so called “Vengeance of Sigmar” killed them and nailed a tin badge with the symbol of the twin-tailed comet on their forehead.

They ask Lord Frederick if he knows someone from the list and he tells them that one of the names, Dieter Wilke, ran errands for him early last year. The group decides to look him up and find a dead body – a twin tailed comet badge nailed to his head. Margat Chaoseater looks at his freshly acquired tin badge and notices that they look alike.

At this point, the group starts to think that Ansel Vorman could be the Vengeance since their timeline match. They decide to track him down and after a while of interviewing badge sellers in Altdorf, they get a lead to the Temple of Sigmar: Brother Axel.

Brother Hiltveld at the temple tells them that Brother Axel hasnt turned up in two days and gives them his address. They group finds Brother Axel, lying in pool of blood. With his last breath he relates “He knows where I left the necklace. He knows the incantation…”

They group finds the costume of the Vengeance and his journals – one is missing. As Carl Kell skips through the journals discovers a dark plot that involves a magic necklace that makes the wearer love whoever placed it upon them. The Nurgle cultists are after the necklace to bind Karl to them, but Brother Axel hid it.

They follow up a clue they find next to the body that leads them back to the library. The group gains access to the library and Brother Lundgrin helps them to find the right book. As they finally find the correct edition of the book they were looking for, they manage to secretly retrieve the missing journal.


The group find an alcove in the garden next to the library and read through the journal which tells a grim story about a dark ritual that took place in Ruhrhoff. The necklace is still their – left behind by Brother Axel. Carl Kell, who grew up in Ostland, recognizes the name of the village – it is close to Wolfenburg.

As they debate about the next steps, the sky darkens and suddenly a slim beautiful woman leans next to a tree in the deserted garden. Her fangs give it away – she is a vampire. She demands the journal from them but the group refuses. The vampire tries to bribe them with gold and jewels but is not successful.

Margat Chaoseater gets tired of the vampires inquiries and simply eats the book in one piece. The vampire is furious and retreats to a nearby waiting coach – the black pigeon following her. As the coach dashes away the sky clears again.

The group put together all the pieces of the puzzle, the Nurgle cultists have a headstart of a few hours towards Ruhrhoff to retrieve the Necklace of Unfailing Loyalty to control Karl.



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