The Thousand Thrones

Journey to Wolfenburg

The group prepares to leave Altdorf. Luidolf Desfleuve retrieves his repaired heirlooms from Lord Frederick. Luidolf asks for transportation towards Wolfenburg and the Lord offers passage on one of his trade vessels.

The group meets at the docks and leaves Altdorf by boat. The weather slows their journey but they reach Talabheim safe.

During the journey, Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren shows interest in a picture from the “Life of Sigmar” which Margat carries. He mentions the name of Lanfranchi. Carl Kell elaborates that Giovanni Lanfranchi was a tilean nobleman, crusader, artist, mystic and engineer in the 15th century. Based on his recent research, he recalls that Lanfranchi was a crusader in the invasion of Araby, that he founded a vampire-hunting order of some sort, the Priory of the Spear which established a branch on the borders of Sylvania at the town of Siegfriedhof.
Lanfranchi’s triptych, a lost piece of art, shows ascension to divinity – as seen in the “Life of Sigmar”.

In Talabheim, they continue to travel by horse/cart up to Ristedt, which is close to their travel destination of Ruhrhoff. The city is devasted and many people are sick. The heroes only have limited contact to the population. Margat Chaoseater invests some time in helping the struggling population while the others restock their rations. Margat hands out spare rations and earns much appreciation for it. After he held a short sermon, he is approached by Gerhard Dietrich. His son is missing and he thinks that he got taken by cultists. The group can identify him by a family ring that he should be wearing.

The group moves on to Ruhrhoff and finds the house of Ansel Vormann. The cellar holds the remains of Ansel love, but before they can check on the necklace they get ambushed by cultists. After a short fight, the group discovers that the necklace is gone.

A quick search of the bodies reveal a note and each cultist has a metal sigil showing flies burned into their skins. The note reads:


The group stays for the night in a more safe area of Ruhrhoff. During the nights rest, Luidolf Desfleuve witnesses a black coach rushing by their place. Fear strikes deep as he notices that the coach is pulled by 6 skeletal horses.
He does not mention it to his fellow adventurers.

With Hexennacht just 2 days away, they reach Wolfenburg.

Most of the city is destroyed and the remaining population started to settle south east along the remaining city wall. As they enter the area, the group notices that the area is significantly warmer then it should be for this time of year.


Still wondering what connection those hanging naked corpses had. My observation skills saw nothing. Since Gaz said that the GM says nothing without some form of tactic, i have gone full blow paranoid. (again)

Journey to Wolfenburg

I wonder where Markus got the name from? ;)

lol, perhaps they were just corpses…

Journey to Wolfenburg

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