The Thousand Thrones

Hot Pursuit


Margat Chaoseater outsmarts (!) the blond hand maidens and uses the stairs on the other side of the boat to rush Selena Reiva. He manages to prey Karl out of her grapple and runs off with him.

The hand maidens and the boat crew start to encircle the adventurers on the upper deck, while Roderick Schreck and Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren kill off the remaining thrall downstairs.

Selena Reiva casts a spell and teleports Margat into the ice-cold Reik and Karl out of sight. Margat resists the freezing water and makes it to the river bank, where he notices a big black coach.

In the meantime, Roderick fought his way up to the deck and stands over knocked-out Carl Kell, who fell due to the attack of crew and hand maidens. Luidolf Desfleuve sneaks up on 2 boatmen and kills them to reach his frends which are encircled by enemies. They witness Sister Helena disappearing into thin air and Lady Reiva also fades out of sight.

Margat gets up on the road and sees Reiva handing Karl to an other female vampire. Invigorated by Karls presence, he runs in, grabs Karl off Reiva again and flees into the near forest. Lady Reiva keeps up with him easily and uses her teleport spell to separate Margat and Karl once more, but due to a misscast, Luidolf is relocated next to her – wielding a sword and shield but being in his undergarments. He attacks her immediately and Margat joins in with a quickly picked-up treetrunk. They easily kill her and Margat finishes her off by impaling her with the tree trunk.

The black coach drives off toward Carroburg. Sister Helena also made it alive to the shore – shivering from the cold water.

Meantime on the upper deck, the two remaining adventurers get outnumbered by the crew and, although bravely fought, Roderick also falls unconscious to their attacks. Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren flees downstairs to escape certain death, but the captain follows him. He is almost gets caught but Carl Kell gets up again and deals major damage with his Magic Dart spell.

Margat and Luidolf kill the fleeing hand maidens, but keep one alive for questioning. To get out of the bad influence of Morrslieb, they retreat into the body of ship and start interogating the girl. They find out that Karl, the Scion, will be taken to Altdorf and beyond. After she is no more use to them, she gets killed. Margat retreats to gather the corpses and starts feasting.

Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren and Carl Kell discover a dead nurgle cultist, which they identify as bodyguard of Jan Vanderpeer, in one of the rooms in the cargo hold. They find a note next to them which has the name of an Altdorfer antiquarian on it – Estelmann. Also a necklace is mentioned for a ceremony. Luidolf Desfleuve found a necklace in the chambers of Reiva and keeps it.

Roderick Schreck sets the ship on fire as they leave by foot and horse towards a nearby village. They find shelter and are able to buy 2 horses and a cart to move on towards Carroburg. After spending one night there and moving on to an inn near Altdorf, they learn that a black coach came through here this very morning. They stay for the night and leave the next day towards Altdorf, which they reach just before sunset.

Who is Ansel? How is Estelmann involved and what ceremony were they talking about?


How could you leave out Markus’ wonderful attempts at fomenting religious intolerance :D
That was so fun!

I want to know where he got the idea that Margat ever encouraged anyone to eat people :D
He’d never stand for the caloric competitiveness :P

Hot Pursuit

and I love the (!) on outsmarts :D
It was hardly rocket science, given the choice of a blocked stair or a clear stair within stomping range… :D

Hot Pursuit

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