The Thousand Thrones



The group arrives at Altdorf and pass through the northern gate. Just a few steps into the city, they find the black coach standing at the side of the street. It is clear that they coach got assaulted – one of the doors got violently removed and the rest of the coach is badly damaged too.

Carl Kell, Luidolf Desfleuve and Margat Chaoseater ask people on the street what happened and learn that the coach got jumped by “a sorcerer who melted the faces off the guards of the coach”. An other tells them, that a little boy got pushed into a coffin, which was then dragged away by some guy looking like a Marienburger merchant. Lastly one curses at the militia because they weren’t there when needed and tells them about a mysterious mutant killer, the Vengeance of Sigmar, who will surly hunt down and make short work of this sorcerer.

The group moves deeper into the city and decide to meet later that day at the tavern “The Knights Hovel” near Königsplatz. Margat buys a tin badge with a sigmars comet off some old woman.

Sister Helena stays at the Shallyan temple/hospice next to Königsplatz.

Carl Kell heads off to the college of light to meet with his superiors. They are pleased to hear about the progress of the investigation. Carl stays the night and on the next morning faces trials to advance within the ranks of the college. He passes and gets awarded an attunded staff of the college.

Luidolf Desfleuve and his servant Bob look up an old friend of Luidolfs father – Lord Frederick. He is pleased to meet Luidolf and promises assistance while he is in town. They have a pleasant lunch at Fredericks town house. Lord Frederick happens to be a customer of an antiquarian named Estlemann.

Margat Chaoseater, Roderick Schreck and Kite, a.k.a Markus Mudgeboren walk to the Temple of Sigmar to speak with an representative about the current situation. After the ongoing mass is finished, they get approached by one of the head-priests. Schreck and Margat report what happened and learn that the black coach belongs to Lady Margrave, a respected citizen of Altdorf. The priest is not happy to hear that the child is within the city walls and got abducted by cultists. When mentioning Estlemann, he gives them directions to a book store in the University district.

Luidolf Desfleuve and Margat Chaoseater meet that night for drinks and decide to have a good nights rest before visiting Estlemann.

Next morning, Margat is already restless and waiting for his friends to arrive. It takes a while before Luidolf shows up which doesnt help his mood. As they walk through the University District towards Estlemann shop, they notice a column of smoke rising into the sky. As they come closer, they learn it is Estlemanns bookstore that is burning. The fire started about half an hour ago and the people are trying to fight the flames and keep them from jumping over to other houses.

They learn Estlemann suffered heavy burns and barely survived. He was transported to the shallyan hospice. As they are about to leave, a group of witchhunters arrive and forcefully break up the people who try to save the house and their homes. “Let it burn”, their leader says while he watches the flames with a satisfactorily grin.

At the hospice, Luidolf and Margat ask to see Estlemann. Since they are not kin, the matron in the entry hall denies them to see Janus Estlemann. Margat is not pleased and starts to make threats. The alarmed temple guards intervene, but the ogre stays his course. At some point he successfully intimidates the matron which causes the guards of Altdorf to be summoned – the situation is close to escalate into a fight as the ogre finally gives in and leaves the hospice. Also attracted by the commotion, Sister Helena spots Luidolf and sneaks him into the hospice.

She leads him to Estlemann, who tells him about the men who did this to him. Their description fits to Jan Vandepeer. They were looking for a man called Ansel Vormann, a loyal customer of Estlemann. Ansel left for Marienburg quite some time ago and returned to Altdorf about a year ago. He had a huge scar on his forehead and was sickly thin. He demanded a list of Estlemanns special customers at sword tip – after that he disappeared and was never been seen again. Luidolf notices a black pigeon with beady red eyes sitting at a window among other pigeons.

Estlemann refuses to help them any further, but his tune changes quickly as loud voices arise from downstairs. The witchhunters arrived to arrest him. He begs Luidolf to kill him – in exchange he will give him the location of his secret stash where he has a last copy of the list of names he gave to Ansel and Jan. Luidolf agrees and retrieves a key from Estlemann. Sister Helena tries to stop the witchhunters while Luidolf sneaks out of the injury ward. He fails and gets chased through the hospice but manages to disappear in the busy streets around Königsplatz.

The group meets up at “The Knights Hovel” to discuss what to do next – again, they are watched by a black pigeon with red eyes.


My goodness, my computer when it was crashing, must have cut out bits of the coach conversation. Also I didn’t hear about Luidolf running away either. sigh Likely I was on the bio break then.


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